A Testimony of Silence

After they break you... How long does it take to get back up and gather your pieces and give them a meaning, a name? How do you define the ‘breaking’? Your hands and feet and nose and head are intact. Your vagina has not been forced. You did not say ‘no’. You froze. You tried… Continue reading A Testimony of Silence


It’s Foggy in Here

You wake up and it's foggy. Outside the window and inside it. You are moving too slow, as you always do. Your ears are filled with the strange buzz of no-noise and your mouth is chalky with no-taste. You have one thousand things you should have done by last night and they are not done… Continue reading It’s Foggy in Here

অনুবাদ: দ্য হাজব্যান্ড স্টিচ, কারমেন মারিয়া মাচাদো

গল্পটা আমি প্রথম পড়ি গ্রান্টা ম্যাগাজিনের অনলাইন সংস্করণে। কারমেন মারিয়া মাচাদো সম্পর্কে কিচ্ছুটি জানতাম না তখন, এখনও উইকিপিডিয়া পেজের তথ্য ব্যতীত খুব কিছু জানি না। তবে তাঁর নামের পাশে হরর এবং ইরোটিকা শব্দদুটো বসানো হয়। তাঁর অন্য কোনও লেখা এখনও আমার পড়া হয়ে ওঠেনি, কিন্তু এই একটি গল্পের ধুনকি কাটতেও সময় নেয়। এটাকে ফেমিনিস্ট আখ্যান… Continue reading অনুবাদ: দ্য হাজব্যান্ড স্টিচ, কারমেন মারিয়া মাচাদো

Dream Narratives: One

I don’t remember the entire dream, only fragments of it. Certain feelings and certain images float back. (I’d like to know how this works; remembering your dreams. When I am in the dream, I follow a certain causality on which the ‘I’ seem to have no control. When I wake up that causality is no… Continue reading Dream Narratives: One

Ravens for A Woman I Think I Know

From a specific angle, they can pass off as dementors prowling through a stark white fog. Except, these don’t seem to suck out soul, rather they are born of a soul in desperate need of lighting its own weight. She paints ravens in flight. She also paints still life, rugs, slippers, potted plants, café interiors.… Continue reading Ravens for A Woman I Think I Know

#HokKolorob and Why I Am Not A Journalist Anymore

Once in a great while, there comes a moment in your life when you realize with perfect clarity that you are but a small cog in a scheme of things much bigger than you. Walking alongside one lakh people under pouring rain for a single cause is one of them. Today is 20th September. Four… Continue reading #HokKolorob and Why I Am Not A Journalist Anymore

How Long Do You Wait for Someone, Something?

How dark is the place that you are in? You sit in this airy room painted a happy green, wispy young trees dancing in the breeze like children after school and sun shining in the thick emerald foliage underfoot, the sky a rare powdery blue and fluffs of white glide dreamily through, the happy yellow-green-mauve… Continue reading How Long Do You Wait for Someone, Something?